Juraj Chalany

My passion for shoes started in 2009, when I started designing one-of-a-kind quirky high heels while sharing shoes collections from other designers on my Facebook page (facebook.com/chalanyhighheel), and later on my footwear blog, Shoespost.com, which I launched as a site where readers can visit for fresh footwear news, whether it’s a newly launched style from a famous shoe label or celebrity footwear sighting.

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In the  photo she is my grandma wearing great grandfathers clogs with her aunt and that original clogs.

My great grandfather made wooden shoes (Clogs) in Slovakia between 1918 – 1939 as in villages people had less money to afford leather shoes between World War I and World War II. Wooden shoes where usually villagers wearing just during winter time with thick socks as they where warm from bottom. Some farmers even in summer time in cowsheds. When I asked my grandma if they where not boiling, shed say, that with thick socks they were very comfy and and when there was snow it was even so much fun by going down the hill.