For all of those pin-up dolls out there, RETRO IS BACK! Platform high heels in retro-inspired styles are making a swift comeback with a trend-setting chunky heel. Fortunately for the women of the world, chunky heels are more stable when pioneering the city streets, unlike the classic stiletto (we’re not bashing stilettos, as we still love their sultry look). It’s common fact that the stiletto makes it very difficult to maintain your composure when strutting to work or the coffee shop on the corner. The chunky, sculptured heel offers the right amount of balance to avoid any embarrassing trips (most of the time, anyways).  These shoes are very versatile in the modern lady’s wardrobe, as it can be matched with just about anything. They offer the benefit of being sexy, chic, and reasonable all at the same time. You can wear them in just about any color, from a soft, ballerina pink to an electric blue. Dress your chunky heels up with a form-fitting dress, or a casual pair of jeans and you’re good to go. Like every fashionable woman knows, a pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. With a fashion-forward pair of chunky heels, there’s no better way to “make” your outfit with an eccentric flourish.
According to Sak’s Fifth Avenue’s blog, “the sturdier, more comfortable chunky heel is making a major comeback this Fall in all shapes and sizes.” They even mention the fact that the chunky heel can improve your posture! This is great news for city girls, where walking takes up a good portion of the working day. So do you feet and your wardrobe a favor and invest in a quality pair of chunky heels.
My personal favorites are pictured.